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Panamanian Mystery Coffee Pack

Posted on Sep 29th 2017

Do you like surprises? How about something even better, a surprise coffee theme pack? I don't know anyone who wouldn't be excited by the thought of a mystery box of coffee. 

A web site by the name of PanamaGoods.com is offering something called a 'Panamanian Mystery Coffee Pack' for only $19.99. All you need to do is select whether you want your beans ground or not and simply add to the shopping cart.

Order pack here:


Check out the Panama Goods FB page: 


April Coffee Pack "Preview"

"For April we selected "Janson Family gourmet" mid roast. The story goes like this: Carl Janson... a Swedish guy purchased the family farm back in 1940's after he fall in loved with the area. He pioneered as he opened the first automated dairy farm in Panama among other things. Today, the Jansons represent 3 generations living and working on the family run farm; and are very proud to be recognized for their gourmet arabicas (which you got for April's pack) and award winning Geisha variety."

How Did This All Start?

"The Panamanian Mystery Coffee Pack was born by the kindness of a friend who received as a thank you gesture, some of my own selections of coffee produced here in Panama. As he really liked it and asked me to send some more blindly (he didn’t had any idea of what brand, type of roast, etc I was going to send out) I’ve created the Mystery Coffee Pack as Panama is producing some of the best coffee… You can quickly google search “Geisha Esmeralda” and see for yourself."

What Do I Get?

Good question... "At least half pounder (220 grams) of Panama's best coffee. This could be dark roast, light roast, Geisha or premium Arabica."

I'm a big coffee drinker and to me this is a very exciting offer. I like not knowing what I'm going to get, stepping out of my usually coffee drinking comfort zone and trying something completely new.

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