Coffee Demand Shifting Towards Organic?

Posted on Feb 1st 2017

According to the "NCA 2016 drinking trends report indicates USA demand from the daily coffee sector is higher and shifted to gourmet." This could be bad for companies like Starbucks which in recent quarters has showed disappointing growth. 

One company taking advantage of this trend towards gourmet is Best Roast Coffee, LLC. Best Roast Coffee, LLC has opened 60 locations in 10 months throughout 2016. They are now planning the establishment of 250 locations for 2017, fueled by high demand for gourmet organic coffee. 

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What Makes Them Different? 

"Best Roast Coffee, LLC has created a 4 feet scalable non- skilled labour model, and offers full organic gourmet solution with procedure manual for big box grocery chains, hotels, and retail shops to use. In some cases, big box grocery chains are adding three best roast coffee counters to their stores a week to meet the growing demand for the organic gourmet coffee. The chain also enables large big box grocery to self-brand their own made-to-order coffee product, and eradicates the need for the grocery chains to continue to pay license fees to their existing in-store coffee solution providers. The co-founder of Best Roast Coffee, LLC Julia Yim says, "Data does not lie, the reality is that the millennial's are here, and they now out-number the baby boomers, so the new consumer has caused the coffee industry to change too. Consumers simply don't want traditional grab-and-go type of coffee anymore. If the existing coffee brands don't shift; it does not matter how big they are, the data suggest their product will be with the minority group of demand" (


"BRC developed a full organic gourmet coffee solution enabling existing retail and big box grocery chains to sell made-to-order organic and gourmet coffee and espresso to health conscious customers. This strategy worked as retailers now seek to attract into their store the daily coffee drinkers who account for over 16 billion spending per year in USA. BRC expanded from 1 to over 60 locations coast to coast in 10 months as national grocery retailer chain Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) entered the lucrative 16 billion cups per day coffee drinkers sector, and increased their profits."

How Did It Start?

"How did you come up with this idea? He said, “You need to have innovation, preferably a great idea so nobody can copy and compete with you. Once you have that it comes down to three things; you need to have a plan, make the idea scalable, and roll out. Amazon started from selling books in a home garage, and apple started the same way, two guys in a San Francisco house. We are no different, just two people that think different and share the belief that nothing is impossible”. The thinking of the person that started the company is the difference that separated Amazon, Apple, and today BRC from the crowd."

What's In Store For 2017?

"Mr. Roe said, “I am doing Collagen coffee – That is pure tasteless organic collagen in your daily espresso or coffee creating the healthiest coffee in USA. Adding collagen will infuse the coffee with the healthy benefits of collagen which will improve health of skin and hair, boost metabolism, strengthen nails, hair and teeth, and increase overall protein. As a human one tends to trust the eyes, and what they can touch; collagen coffee is an easy concept for creating a healthy coffee. And we have already tested the idea last year in Sprouts Farmers Market test kitchen. So this year I will scale it up and roll it out to the public."

When one thinks about the coffee market Starbucks usually comes to mind. It seems in 2017 things may be shifting, the growth is in gourmet, organic coffee. A trend pushed by the Millennials. Best Roast Coffee, LLC may be the future of coffee, taking advantage of these new trends in the coffee industry.