​Coffee Makers From Basic to Complex

Posted on Nov 8th 2017

If you are looking for coffee makers for your home brewing, you are sure to be pleased with the great selection you will find online. There are such a wide range of coffee makers, it can be a bit overwhelming.

You will first want to take a look at the counter space that you have or the other are where you intend to put the coffee makers or coffee pot. There are a few different kinds you can select from that will suit any space. For example:


Drip Coffee Maker

French Press



Each of these coffee makers will be a bit different in style, design and possibly even purpose. The countertop ones can be in a drip style or perc, but it simply means that they are meant to sit on the counter in your kitchen. They are often found in different colors and styles and can fit into any décor quite well.

The drip design is pretty simple. There is a bucket or reservoir that holds the water when you pour it usually into the back part of the machine. When you turn it on, there is a tube that carries the water through a heating area over to the drip area and it arrives at the top of the drip area and simply falls through the holes into the coffee grounds. The coffee then funnels through into the pot below which sits on a warm plate. Pretty simple and easy to maintain. The down side to these are that they usually don’t satisfy the true java fanatics and connoisseurs.

The French press coffee makers are great as they act as a home brewing equipment and a coffee pot. The French press is simple and yet often a favored way to make coffee.

Why do people choose the French press? It is so simple and yet it seems to be the best way to experience the true flavor of the grind. It will give you a more rich and robust cup of coffee than the drip or percolator kind.

All you need with these are boiling water and the press. You simply put in the fresh ground coffee into the pot, pour the water over it and put the lid on it, but do not depress the plunger yet. Let is steep for a bit, usually about 3 – 5 minutes. Then push the plunger to the bottom gently. Pour into your favorite cup and waallla.

The percolator kind are easy to use as well, but a very different process. The coffee brewed from a perc tastes very different than the other methods. You put the grinds into a basket that sits towards the top of the coffee pot. When the percolator is turned on or put onto the stove, once it is boiling, the water flows up a tube and spills over through the basket of grinds and eventually it will be the strength you desire. Often the percs and urns are used for larger functions because they are so easy.

Here are some of the popular brands for coffee machines:






Black & Decker




There are even more manufacturers and companies to choose for your coffee makers and other home brewing needs.

You may also want to look at the grinders or roasters as well as mugs, cups and more. It is great to be able to capture the freshness of roasting and grinding your own.