​The Benefits of Having Branded Cups in Your Coffee Shop

Posted on Nov 29th 2017

A lot of people running coffee shops are doing so for the love of coffee, not the love of business and marketing, but having a little bit of noise and working on your branding can go a long way, and help your business grow. One of the techniques many people embrace is to look at their branding, and get their name out there as much as they possibly can, so what are the benefits of branded cups?

It looks good. You want people to have a good experience in your coffee shop, and the more professional and clean cut things are, the more likely this is. Having your brand name on your coffee cups says you know what you’re talking about.

Disposable cups travel. We buy disposable cups because customers need to take them out and about with them, so having branded disposable coffee cups is just free marketing! People will see your cup and word will travel about your store. One of many ways to build awareness of your brand.

You can sell them. Some people will want to support your business by purchasing your own branded cups. People get fanatical about their coffee, and if you provide them with a good cup of Joe they’re likely to want to support your business.

You can put messages on them. Some of the best marketing I’ve seen doesn’t simply use branding, but takes it further, a slogan or interesting image is more likely to catch someones eye.

If you’re going to be spending money on cups for your coffee business anyway, spending a little extra to ensure you end up with branded cups and all of their benefits is well worth it for most coffee businesses.