Manual Coffee Grinder With Ceramic Bur By Cerviq LLC

Posted on Jan 5th 2018

If you are like me you're constantly looking to improve the taste of your coffee. One of the best and quickest ways to make your coffee taste better instantly is by grinding your own coffee. Unless you plan on drinking your coffee quickly you shouldn't be buying pre-ground coffee. Your taste buds will thank you!

You can buy electric grinders, but those are great only at home in your kitchen what about when you're traveling or camping? You either won't want to pack a large coffee grinder or in the case of camping you won't have access to a electrical outlet. Introducing the Cerviq LLC ceramic manual foldable coffee grinder with foldable cup.

Yes, you heard right.. this comes with a folding cup as well as the grinder all for less than $15. So when you're on the move or even at home this is the perfect grinder for any situation. To purchase visit:

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What Are The Features?

- The CERVIQ coffee grinder is made out of high quality stainless steel and has a ceramic bur that doesn’t rust like the metal ones.

- CERVIQ portable coffee grinder allows you to have more control over the coffee grinding process with the built-in adjustable grind selection option: can be used for pepper spices and herbs.

- No batteries are needed, ever!

Anything Else?

Yes, they offer a no-risk return policy. If you don't like it just send it back.

What Do Other Customers Think?

Reviewers on Amazon couldn't be happier with the product getting 5 out of 5 stars in reviews.

MotorheadMom, for example, says: "This is a great little manual coffee bean grinder. I like the adjustable burr. It makes it super easy to customize grind size. I use this daily to grind coffee for my French press and I love it. Would totally buy this again."

Heather Hershey says: "Love love love this! Very heavy duty. Great quality. Perfect for single servings of coffee. We love it!"

I actually personally own a manual coffee grinder similar to this one and can couch for their quality. 


If you are looking for a versatile coffee grinder that you can take from your home to camping, hiking, and traveling all at an affordable price look no further than this one by CERVIQ. If you have purchased this item, tell us what you think about it in the comment section.