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MontaVida Not Your Average Coffee

Posted on Mar 20th 2017

Occasionally SeagullCoffee likes to introduce new and exciting coffee brands to our readers. Introducing MontaVida coffee in 12 oz. bags. MontaVida isn't your average coffee, it's made for the coffee lover in mind. MontaVida is not only smooth and delicious, it’s infused with ingredients proven to have positive nutritious effects. 

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What Are The Positive Nutritious Effects? 

During the roasting process MCT Oil and Ramon Seeds are added to MontaVida. MCT Oil assists with weight loss, appetite suppression, and absorption of essential vitamins. Ramon Seeds contain protein, fiber and minerals. Ramon seeds also contain powerful antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C and E. 

How Much Does It Cost?

For a 12 oz. bag the cost is $19.95. Purchasing options include a monthly subscription, 3 month subscription, and just a one time purchase.

Their Story

"Quite simply, we start with the very best. MontaVida is made from 17-18 screen Central American beans—the highest quality coffee available. But there's more to it than a high quality bean. It is only when these beautiful, fresh, green coffee beans arrive to our specialty roaster that they begin their transformation to their wonderfully roasted, aromatic selves."

The Science

"MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil improves the body's absorption and use of Vitamin E, calcium and magnesium. It also may assist you in maintaining a healthy weight. How so? MCTs are a special class of healthy fats that act like a carbohydrate, so it's processed by the body immediately instead of storing it, keeping your energy up."

Free Stuff?

Yes, refer your friends and get free coffee! Visit:

The coffee is not only delicious it's also nutritious. Pick some up for yourself or your family today.